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Gregory Miller

Hello, I am Gregory Miller. I graduated with honors from the University of South Carolina, where I earned my degree of Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies with a major in English and World History (two major fields of study). I have been teaching (with breaks) since 1992, first in America and now in the Czech Republic. I enrich my courses with 12 years of managerial experience in a wide range of disciplines - from energy, viticulture and art to hospitality.

What is the motto of my courses?

Students discover their knowledge themselves. I only strengthen and support their discovery.

Excerpt from my CV

  • More than ten years of teaching in private and public schools
  • Since 2011 teaching in the Pardubice Region (LITE, European Education Center, Language Agency, Comenia Education Agency, etc.)
  • Painter - I've exhibited across the United States from Charleston and New York in the east, through Chicago and Denver, to San Francisco and Los Angeles on the West Coast
  • I am snowboarder who also enjoys cross-country skiing
  • Wine Enthusiast - first degree Sommelier course and wine maker
  • A passionate fly fisherman since the age of eight

A bit of family history

My mother's family came from Pilsen and emigrated to the USA in 1893. On my father's side we were in America before it was a country; James Monroe, the 5th President of the USA, is a not so distant relation.